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Hi..this is my current system..take a look:

Intel Pentium D 2.67Ghz
Intel D945GTP Motherboard
2Gb DDR2 PC2 4200 Memory
Radeon X1300 Video Card

Now This is my question..
If I upgrade the Video Card to xfx ati 4850 which has 1gb gddr3 memory and is around $130 canadian and upgrade the memory to 4Gb..will this computer be able to play current games and upcoming..

please do let me know what to upgrade on this computer..hope to hear from you guys soon.. :whistle:

I only have a 400watt power supply..will this work if i get the new video card? or will i have to upgrade the power supply also
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  1. your CPU is rather old and slow, it would bottle neck the 4850.

    rather then upgrade your memory to more RAM I would see if you can install faster memory. Also if you are running XP, you don't need 4GB. 2GB in XP is more then enough.

    can your power supply handle the ATI 4850?

    The cheapest suggestion I would offer is purchase an ATI 4670. It should be able to handle most current games on medium settings as long as you keep the monitor resolution in check. Install 2GB of DDR2 677 RAM, the fastest your mobo takes. Then you can start saving for a new system.

    Otherwise, I would start looking into upgrading your motherboard, CPU, RAM, possibly your PSU
  2. You need to buy a new cpu your Pentium D 2.67Ghz is very crappy.
  3. successful_troll said:
    You need to buy a new cpu your Pentium D 2.67Ghz is very crappy.

    ...helpful advice from successful are losing your touch my friend
  4. what do you guys mean by bottle neck?
  5. i think he means by "bottleneck" is your cpu will be just able to run new games with Pentium d
  6. lonewlf said:
    what do you guys mean by bottle neck?

    it means that your CPU will hold back the GPU real eliminate this bottleneck issue either overclock the CPU or upgrade the CPU with better one. correct me if i'm wrong
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