Need help finding compatible raid controller/cables for case with 8087

Hello, I have a question regarding a 4U Norco server case that I have purchased for setting up a RAID.

Internally the case has 5 8087 connectors built into boards that interface with the drives. For more details on the case/interface look up the Norco rpc-4220 case.

I have a set of 5 SATA drives in the bays in the front of the case, but need a RAID controller card and cables to connect to the 8087 interface.

From what I can tell, most raid cards seem to have a 8484 interface, or something similar. Do cables exist to convert from 8484 to 8087? Do I need to buy a card that has 8087 connectors on it?

I'm trying to do a budget build on this machine, and most raid controller cards that have a single 8087 connector are already $500 and up.

I have found plenty of cards for under $200, but many do not list the connector style that they use, and I want to make sure I buy something that will work.

I've setup raid arrays in the distant past, but a lot has changed with sas/sata interfaces in the last 5-10 years, and it seems to me that every manufacturer has their own connector which just adds to the confusion.

Thanks for the help
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  1. Also, I suppose it may matter with some of the cheaper (under $100) RAID cards available, but I doubt it would effect anything above that price point, but any card chosen must be compatible with Linux, choose a flavor so long is it is a recent kernel.
  2. I'll also add that speed isn't really a concern here. This system is being built for backing up a few office systems; replacing an old server. The important thing is redundancy and ease of maintainability. In fact, I may just set up a growing raid 5 array with mdadm to make things easy.
  3. Also, similar question about these interfaces... I know sas can still support 255 devices, and that expanders exist, so does this mean that I can install card with a single 8087 connector and then buy some kind of expander and more cables to interface the rest of my drives?
  4. yes you can still with a single 8087 but still its better to have extra. you can also check allcableshop, they can provide you what cables are good for connection
  5. The link you included does not answer my question, nor does it have 8087 cables listed as products.
  6. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  7. For now, I have ordered a 8087/8088 port expander and a 8087 controller card along with a handful of 8087 cables. I'm still interested in an answer to the original question asked here, so please contribute if you can.
  8. I did a similar RAID box for my company
    Using 4020 Norco
    5x 8087 to 4x SATA cable
    4x five port HW raid with PCI backet

    Here is the set up:
    20x drive connect to four controllers via 8087 to SATA
    set 20 drive as FOUR raid5
    then connect four controller to Mobo SATA ports
    Using Mobo RAID set RAID0 out of four raid5 volumes
    Technically i have a RAID50
    The transfer rate is 680MB/s read/write
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