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I'm making a move from HDD & Windows XP to SSD & Window 7 64bit Ultimate and the majority of the articles on how to install are from early to late 2009. Many have references to Vista and issues encountered with that OS. This includes the "Useful SSD Articles" sticky in this forum.

Anyone know of more current articles on this topic. I'd like to do this right the first time.
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    I would review the below site, as it has some of the most current "howto's" for SSD's.

    I've created a tweaking guide here for once you install the SSD:

    Really the most important recommendation would be to 1) make sure you install the OS on the SSD without the other hard drive(s) installed and 2) make sure your have your BIOS set to AHCI before installing the OS. Windows 7 does a great job in handling the requirements of the SSD from there with additional benefits provided in the above tweaks.
  2. Outstanding guides.

    Do you know of an easy way to dvd image a install after all these tweaks are made? Therefore I can easily restore Win7 with all tweaks already set if I run into any issues.
  3. Windows 7 has a built in option to make a back up image, which is pretty good. Also, I would look at using any of the first three programs in this list.
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