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Hi i was looking for some cooling reccomendations for 2 amd radeon 6950's overclocked and a i5 2500k.

i'm not sure what i would need for cooling a heatsink or liquid cooling.

i am not very familiar with liquid cooling so can someone explain to me the level of diffculty of using it.

any suggestions will be helpful and please list the prices.
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  1. Well first things first, if you are willing to spend a lot of money then you can go with this build for a really good cpu cooler.

    Corsair H100 Liquid Cooling:

    Something that I love and cherish of its superb cooling, and if you are overclocking (which you are,) get four 120mm fans and attach them to the radiator (two on top and two on bottom.) Make sure to make it a Push-Pull if you want (pull from the bottom and push from the top.) It is really nice.

    For the fans I get these:
    They run at a good CFM and are silent! Pretty awesome but EXPENSIVE!!!! $24.00 for each one :ouch:

    If you really want to do this (which I recommended if you want to spend a lot) this will cost you around $200. A lot of money but this is my thought of an awesome cooler for overclockers.

    This is a video showing you how he attached the fans and mounts it to the roof of his case:

    P.S: If you are interested in doing this build what kind of tower do you use?

    Hope my cooler has helped you out!
  2. Corsair H-series coolers aren't true watercooling; they are a form of stand alone liquid cooling that is based on how actual watercooling functions, just not to the performance of user-serviceable functionality.

    For $200, you can build an excellent CPU-only watercooling loop...for $130-$185 you can simply buy an XSPC Rasa watercooling kit that will outperform that H100 with everything included, except water.
  3. +1 for rubix_1011

    XSPC RASA kits is the best starter kit for water cooling.
  4. Indeed a customer water cooling loop will cool far better than any AIR or even H series cooler.

    If your wanting better cooling for ur 6950's i would go custom water cooling.
    have a look at the water cooling forum for guides and info.

    If however your just getting started and building a customer loop is a little daunting. the H series arnt that bad. (id still prefer over any air based cooling)
  5. H2O cooling is pretty much a "hobby" for those who like to tinker with their PC daily. The Corsair H2O stuff is very inefficient and over-priced compared to quality air-cooled HSFs. Unless you're doing H2O as a hobby you'd be better off with good air cooling IMO. real water-cooling systems start at ~ $200 and go up.

    The link below shows you objective cooling test data for many HSFs and some H2O coolers. Also keep in mind that H2O coolers do experience water leaks which can damage the rest of your PC hardware. See the Corsair H2O forums for tales of woe.

    Always read the full review for any HSF you are interested in and be sure it will fit your case and clear your installed RAM.
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