Gigabyte BIOS Fan Control

GA-MA790X-UD3P (rev. 1.0)
Freezer Xtreme Arctic (rev. 2.0) 4-pin
3-pin pwr_fan
3-pin sys_fan

It's a bit late here so I might be jumping to conclusions, sorry. :o
So it is true what I read -
- that gigabyte BIOS fan control is a joke?
Both the CPU fan, pwr_fan and the back-end fan, sys_fan, are running at maximum, and no matter BIOS settings I use they just keep smoking. crtl+f1 did not seem help much.

Please tell me that this can be done easily so I wont jump out of the window. :pt1cable:
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  1. do this for CPU Smart Fan to Enabled, CPU Smart Fan Mode to Voltage, or the PWM mode. it should work. it works with me.

    if not, then just turn off the cpu smart fan. and use speedfan and do simple configuration for it to run the speeds you want it. that what im doing.
  2. In the BIOS Setup screens you must Enable Smart Fan for each of CPU_Fan (port at top edge near CPU), SYS_Fan1 and SYS_Fan2 (ports at bottom corner on either side of the Front Panel connector). CPU cooler must be connected to CPU_Fan, not somewhere else. Since you have a 4-pin CPU fan connection, you need to set the CPU Smart Fan Mode to PWM, and not Voltage. The fourth mobo fan connector labeled "PWR_Fan" and located between the RAM slots and the main power input connector can ONLY be used this for a connector that comes out of the PSU, and many PSU's don't have one. That particular connector only monitors the PSU fan operation but does not control it.

    After that, your manual says you can fine-tune these fan control systems with the Easy Tune 6 tool, but gives few details about what it contains. So, I'm going to speculate, based on experience with an entirely different board. On my system for each of these 3 fan control systems you get to set some temperature points - the lowest is the temperature that turns this fan off completely, then a temp for the lowest fan speed, then one for the top fan speed, then an alarm point that will cause the entire system to slow down and reduce power consumption (and heat generation). For the CPU there's also a temp at which the entire system just shuts right off to prevent burning up the CPU. You may not have all of these, but look for similar things. There should be default settings in place. But if they look odd to you, like run the fans full speed if the temp is anywhere over 30C or 90F, then you may want to change them. The CPU_Fan control loop is based solely on the temp measured in the CPU, which the BIOS monitors. Likewise both SYS_Fan port controls are based on temp measurements on the mobo itself.
  3. Thank you both, I was sleepy last night and after reading a bit I just dropped a question before going to bed.
    I also missed that the CPU fan control was working fine (with PWM) running at 900 RPM 34C Idle which is just fine.

    Thank you for pointing out my mistake with connecting PWR_Fan wrongly I will correct it ASAP!

    In my old board you could control the CPU fan and case fans but just to fixed speeds, as fare as the PWM control for the CPU fan on this board it seems like much better solution.

    I would still wish that you could just set the case fans to some fixed RMP with the BIOS because it would be easy and as I run multiply OSs I have to control those two fans across the line.

    Thanks again for helping out.
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