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i was having an issue with a video card and somone suggested i turn off the onboard graphics. So i did but it didnt help. now the problem is that when i boot, it no longer displays anything anywhere. it might be that the actual video isnt coming up for the post and bios? that doesnt make sense but maybe... i hope im not really sqrewed but it seems like it.

thanks for any tips
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  1. This may seem like a dumb question, but did you switch your monitor cable to the expansion card after turning off the onboard graphics?
    I would need more info and system specs to assist any further.
  2. buzznut,

    yes i did but due to the defective card (ati 4890) i am not able to even boot with it attached, so once i figured out that i decided to return the video card. but when i went back to try to load without the videocard, the motherboard was no longer displaying anything. my system:

    m4a7t-e asus board
    phenom 2 945 4x3.0
    1 tb sata
    4890 radeon card
    4 gb ddr3 ram
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    did you re-enable the onboard gfx?

    have you tried reseting the mb to Failsafe defaults ?

    have you tried clearing the cmos ? short the jumpers or remove the battery for a few minutes
  4. i cant even get to post.(or atleast i cant see it). Will taking the cmos out reset the bios? i cant really re-enable the video without getting into the bios, and im not sure how to reset the mb to failsafe defaults fairly newb to this type of error....
  5. I realized the problem. Video card was bad, so i got it replaced and works like a charm
  6. I think I'm struggling with the same issue. I've just installed the MT4A78T-E and I'm planning to use onboard gfx. The cabinet speaker don't make any sound and the screen is black. I have not tried to enable the onboard gfx and mb to failsafe default. I have however cleared the cmos, but without anny affect.

    How do I enable the onboard gft and how do I set mb to failsafe? What is mb by the way?
  7. Hi, even m facing with the same issues. I am using the in-built graphics of M4A78T-E for display. Problem is very strange n sometimes when i boot the system, it no longer displays anything and doesnt even show the bios nor the system beep sound? this problem happens frequently n not each time when i use my system. i recently got a new system n m really scared to use this system coz it may get screwed up any time. Please can any1 suggest to resolve the same ? or should i get the board replaced ?
  8. yh and me for that matter i tihnk it might be the board as i have checked everything OCZ Reaper ram works in other computers so does CPU (phenom quad 965) and sound card and gpu, xfx special edition ati 5770 (my baby!) all fine jsut havnt been able to check board but i assume its that. i have jumped CMOS and replaced battery still nothing. i went on holiday with it unplugged (cant risk power surge) come back and wont even reach bois powers up but seems to jsut be restarting as fans slow then speed back up again, its not the power buttons or any front panel connections as i have tested them and not hdds, or optical drives i have tried all in other computers ( luckily i have my data) any suggestions ? and i dont OC because i have no real need to. please help my life has grinded to a hault !
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