SSD as primary drive/HDD as data drive

Pardon me if this is out there somewhere on a forum but I couldn't seem to find clarification exactly.

I am building a new system and want to use a 120GB Intel SSD as my primary C: and then want to RAID 1 (2) 1TB HDD for redundant data storage (photos, music, video, etc.). I also back all this up online with CrashPlan. First of all, I assume this is possible on a new ASUS Z68 board I will pick up in the next few weeks. Secondly, does it really matter if the HDDs are 32MB or 64MB cache? Will the performance difference really matter on these HDDs seeing the primary drive will be a nice new SSD? I don't really want to mess with using a SSD as a cache drive and still use regular HDDs as my primary drive (seems like performance isn't even close with a true SSD as your primary drive). Does anyone suggest a different set-up!?

I also would love to know what anyone has to think about this machine pushing Photoshop use more than anything. I mean I do game here and there, rip Blu-Rays, video encode a bit, but it is more about Photoshop/Lightroom processing. I assume CS5 still needs a good independent GPU in order to run that much more effectively, right? I mean, I wouldn't want to just rely on the on-board graphics even with the breakthrough the Z68 brings...right!?

Just for reference, I am throwing in a i7-2600k CPU (plan to oc), 16GBs of DDR3 PC10666 RAM, an ASUS 1GB GTX 550ti GPU, SeaSonic X750 PSU, and a nice new CPU cooler.

Please let me know if anyone has any valuable input without bashing brands and all that BS people can't seem to keep their mouths shut about. Thanks very much for any help!! --Kirk :sol:
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    1) Yes.. it is possible on the new ASUS Z68 board.

    2) No... it doesn't really matter 32MB or 64MB cache on hard drives. I would pickup the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB.. IMO

    3) Your setup as a SSD as primary drive and RAID1 of hard drivers for storage is a good setup. I don't really see anything majorly wrong with the setup.

    4) Photoshop... Your PC looks good for use with Photoshop, specially with 16GB of RAM. It will be beneficial for your uses. I agree running the GTX 550 Ti with your system. There is some benefits with quick sync should help with Photoshop.
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