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Does the coolermaster haf 932 have a sound card? I'm reading all the specs and I don't see it mentioned but someone told me that it had the xfi onboard? Can anyone confirm this. I'm ordering this week.
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    The HAF932 is a case.
    It doesn't come with anything.
    Most motherboards (which you would put in your case), have built in sound though.

    The case does have headphone/mic jacks at the front, which will go to a standard AC'97 or HDAudio connector (or both) which will plug in to the motherboard.

    Edit: with the popularity of the HAF932, there are a poopload of reviews that are easily found on google, here is one quickly if you wanted to have a good read of your future purchase:
  2. Thanks, I just found the MSI X58 which has the xfi.
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