Asrock z68 pro3 & scythe mugen with C.C.O

Im buying asrock z68 pro3 and I wanted to buy a Scythe mugen 2 rev.b but I just found out that ASrock has this feature called C.C.O. (Combo Cooler Option) that can fit cooler from LGA 775 (that I have now) to the LGA 1155.

So now I was wondering do I need any new screws or anything or will my old Scythe Mugen fit on my new MB ?
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  1. Scythe mugen 2 discontinue and for next generation scythe mugen 3 but this cooler not good like mugen2.
    I think you need other cooler like noctua / silver arrow/ corsair H100.
  2. i just want to know if it will fit? i can still order the newer version but i higly doubt it is that much of a difference. so does it fit or doesnt?
  3. Yep it will fit
  4. how was mugen 3 inferior to 2 I wonder, currently have 2
  5. so no new screws no nothing ?
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