Proper cooling for amd athlon 64 x2 6400

Hi, I'm getting an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ CPU. I'm looking for a proper CPU cooler without going to liquid cooling. Nothing overly priced and something thats not overkill. TY.
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  1. arctuc cooling freezer64, or spire thermax ii
  2. xaira said:
    arctuc cooling freezer64, or spire thermax ii

    I'm not familiar with the spire thermax, but I know from experience of several different heatsink/fans that the arctic cooling freezer 64 pro is less effective than the boxed fan the cpu will come with (which isn't very good either).
  3. ok, if the 64 is that bad, use core contact freezer
  4. Make sure you get this one, not the lighter one, as it doesn't have the same surface area and the fan doesn't push as much air.
  5. Thank you although by (Comp builders friend) the 5800+ is better. I'll probably still need a very good heatsink. So far I'm liking the core contact.
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