Which one of the video card better ?

260GTX Or 4870HD Or 4890HD Please place it from the highest card to the lowest , like 1. 2. 3. Thank you very much , and sory about my english =]
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  1. According to toms video cards...


    They are all on the same tier, so distinguishing between the 3 would be very hard. It is safe to say the 4890 is faster than 4870, according to the nomenclature, but they are so similar that the margins would be small.
  2. 1. 4890 2. 4870 and gtx 260 are almost equal. 4890 is in gtx 275 range. mon resolution? i prefer nvidia cards, have gtx 260 and its very powerfull card, but its up to you.
  3. 260 sp 192 < 4870 512MB < 4870 1GB < 260 sp 216 < 4890 1GB

    That's really just in general though as depending on the game the 4870 can pull ahead of the 260 sp 216, or the 260 sp 216 can pull ahead of even the 4890 while the sp 192 will pull ahead of the 4870. It just depends on the game but in general the rankings are as I listed above
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