Aaaaaaaaand another i7 2600k OC question...

BIOS is that of a Sabertooth P67

Alright so after doing some BIOS tweeking and incrimentally increasing voltages to meet a certain clock frequesncy ive gotten my CPU to run at 4.8ghz.

Now heres the issue...

Windows WONT boot after OCing UNLESS I either set the CPU Voltage to at least 1.49 (for a 4.8 clock) or lower in respect to a lower basically im under the impression that my CPU is requiring a much higher amount of voltage JUST to boot up...

What gives?

My temps under full load go to 72 centigrade TOPS and everything runs as smooth as butter but I just cant seem to get the damn thing to boot unless I manually apply way more voltage than needed and theres no way in hell im going above 1.49 its high as it is already...

Ill give BIOS settings if requested but off the top of your head, what would you say the issue is?

PS: Ive got a Corsair TX850W PSU
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  1. Check LLC set to [high] / [extreme]
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