How do i know if a fan can use voltage control

i bought a nzxt sentry 2 and noticed that it says "Sentry 2 easily installs in a 5.25" bay and is compatible with any fan that uses voltage control."
so how can i know that the fan uses voltage control?

i have 3 standard fans in my fractal design define XL that follows with the cabinet
and a NZXT FN 140RB 140mm Enthusiast fan
Noctua NF-P14 FLX 140mm fan(placed at the door, and only fan i notice any change in noice)
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  1. Speed controllable fans have a 4-pin miniture connector that would normally connect to the mobo, not the larger 4-pin Molex connector or a 3-pin miniture mobo connector.
  2. but all connectors on the nzxt sentry 2 has onlt 3pin miniture connector
  3. onlt=only
  4. Thats what he meant, the fans controllable by controllers like the sentry have a minature 3 or 4 pin plug, instead of the large molex plugs, although you can get adaptors to or from mole/mini plugs to suit your needs
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