Is this motherboard any good?

I am looking for a motherboard on buy and sell websites and I found this one but I don't know if it's any good or not.

In excellent working condition however the case is incomplete (panels) and missing heat sinks.
*Board will handle 16GB of ram
2 Xeon SL5TE cpu's
1 GB DDR2 ECC ram
Power supply has 20 and 24 pin connectors
PCI-e x16
Xp pro COA


Thats what he gave me
Do you know how old it is? Is it a dual? Any good for gaming? Thanks
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  1. You didn't list the motherboard, but it definitely is an old server motherboard (probably 8-9 years old). What do you plan on using that server for? The price is good, but the performance isn't.
  2. Oh shoot nevermind
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