MSI 560GTX-TI Twin Frozer II OC done?

I got a MSI 560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II OC Ed. mid August. Up until yesterday I have not tried overclocking until I started playing Shogun 2: Total War a few days ago. Noticing that I needed some more power, it seemed a good time as any to see what my card could really do.

First off, since it was my first attempt at overclocking, I did a background check to research a bit on what to do, what not to do, what to look for (ex: artifacts when benchmarking, blue screen, shutdown) and what to keep an eye on (ex: temp). Looked at several examples from both private users and review websites to get an idea of what the card could do. I used MSI Afterburner for controlling the settings and MSI Kombustor for benchmarking. For the most part, I settled around the settings that I found here:

Besides those settings, I bumped up the voltage to 1075 mV.

From the default factory settings to bumping it up to the bi-tech settings, I kept an excel log to keep track of the scores and fps that I was getting as result.

Once everything was finalized, I tried playing Shogun 2 and noticed a great increase in overall performance. I thought that should have been the end of it.

However, after trying to play the game again today I noticed the lag and slow speed that I was getting before I had oc'd the card. Going back and rerunning MSI Kombustor, I noticed a huge drop in score and fps (Ref: 5950 to 3650 and 142 fps to 62 fps). I ran Kombustor a few times to double check and I reinstalled the graphics drivers but no change. Also, during benchmarking, highest temperature reached was 59 deg C.

Where did I mess up?


Processor: CPU INTEL CORE I7 2600 3.4G
Motherboard: MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) P67 LGA1155
Graphics: MSI 560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II OC
Ram: 4Gx2 GSKILL F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL
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  1. The OC is not stable like you thought. Always avoid raising voltage if possible. Try to find a max OC on stock voltage. Once you find it. See if you are happy. If not. Up voltage. But some cards it depends. You can keep on upping the voltage and it will never be stable. It is just the luck of the draw with OC.
  2. I was wondering about about that myself, but there is one thing that is bugging me. When I was I adjusting the settings, I made sure to test the default settings first to see where I was starting from. The score MSI Kombustor was giving me was 5378, with an avg fps of 125. Today when I checked again I was getting 3257 for score and 51 fps. The Kombustor version I'm using is 2.02, benchmark (no submission), anti-aliasing off, resolution at 1366x768.

    Thanks again for the help.
  3. First thing to check... did you tick "Apply overclocking at system startup" in MSI Afterburner? It might be as simple as the Afterburner "not remembering" your OC... although that bit about Kombustor scores lower than default is strange.
  4. I had been manually applying the settings when I changed them but I went ahead and tried what you suggested. It does remember my settings on start up, so that works, but I am getting the same results as when I had just been manually setting them.
  5. Well, that's strange... the 59C which you got are nothing for that card, mine could reach 81C (not anymore since I've upgraded the case cooling) and didn't care. Tried the "reset" button in Afterburner? Are all settings on stock (voltage, clocks)? Posting a screen would be nice, too...
  6. Took me a little bit to figure the posting screens out, probably didn't use the insert image right though. Resetting Afterburner I would use to go back to factory settings, didn't change any results.


  7. Hmm, all default setting seem fine.

    But viewing the second photo has cause my Firefox to crash (which NEVER happened) and my nVidia driver "has stopped working and has been restored", which I've only heard of and never experienced myself, LOL. Now, I'm not superstitious or anything, but this is too much of a coincidence :)

    It might have been that the first set of results produced by Kombustor was somehow wrong... how do these sets of results compare with those for GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II on the Internet? I'm sure there's a validation available somewhere.
  8. Ok, going by 3DMark comparison: Default: 4594

    That one is the results of my default settings, combined at 4590, so that looks like it matches. I was curious about this though with the physics. Don't know if it means anything.

    Next are the overclock comparisons (reviewer) (mine) (The physics went real low)

    So just using 3dmark, it seems the card is fine...Maybe you were right and something about kombustor was off. I'm thinking of running a unigine heaven 2.5 comparison as well.
  9. Do you by chance have Just Cause 2 (if not, try to get it, great game)? :) Could run an in-game benchmark there to compare with mine (should be about 35-36 fps on max settings with V-Sync off)... can't think of any other game that I have that has an in-game benchmark.
  10. I have been mostly using the Asus Direct CU TOP 900Mhz card. I have successfully overclocked 7 outta 8 of them to 1000MHz w/o having to touch the voltage.....the last one it needed just 1 notch increase.....generally run at 82C at that speed under OCCT's GPU test.
  11. Steam has a free demo of that game with the benchmark, so assuming the benchmark is the same...

    70 fps at 1366x768 resolution, everything max except v sync.
    50 fps at 1920x1080

    In case it matters, I play on a 40 in. tv that has hdmi hookup. So technically, I'm not really using a computer monitor...

    Jack, after tinkering with the card again using 3dmark 11 instead of Kombustor, I was able to get it up to 1010 Mhz with the voltage upped to 1075. Incrementing by 10-20 Mhz and starting at 900 Mhz, I was able to get up to 970 before I had to move the voltage from default settings.
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    50 fps is very good, are all of your settings maxed out? Wait, also depends which benchmark... I usually use the Tower one :) It doesn't matter which screen you use, the only thing that matters is the resolution.

    I think your card is alright. Vaildates fine against other cards' benchmarks... I suppose Kombustor gave you some funny values in the beginning.
  13. Not sure which one it was. The one with the outdoor panning with the end scene being that wooden platform way up on the hill. Yeah, I think you are right. I guess I got scared over nothing, still freaked me out a bit though :P. Thanks again for the help.l
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  15. Good luck with the card and kick some a$$ in your games =)
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