My xfx x58i doesnt boot!

my mobo doesnt boot.stuck at code 88 on the debug doesnt give any sound when there are no ram in the slots or any kind of error. Tried all kind of hardware mixing and tuning.but nothing helps.please, i need help.
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  1. Have you gone through the full Boot Problems sticky in the Homebuilt section?
  2. i think so. When i power the pc ,all the light turn on inside pc,cpu cooler runs,graphic card's fan runs ,all the other fans run.Just only the motherboard shows the code 88. Cant hear any kind of motherboad sound.I have been using this board for last ten months. All the time when it had booted,I have seen many other codes coming after the code 88. Its a kind of boot test. But i dont know why its failing at the starting.

    My configuaration= 4 2gb rams, 1000w psu, core i7 920, hd 4870 x2,500 gb samsung hard drive.

    I reset the bios many times. What to do ?
  3. Well, I guess start by removing all extraneous components and all but one stick of ram and see if it posts then.
  4. did. But no result.I think the mobo is the problem,especially the bios .
  5. Well, if you don't have any other components that you know work to try, I'd say start the RMA on the motherboard and see if that helps/
  6. Or you may have a BAD CPU. The Memory Controller on the CPU could be faulty.
  7. Try contacting XFX and specifically ask them if they know what Code 88 refers to.
  8. Try breadboarding the system. Unplug everything. Try booting with the PSU, CPU/HSF, 1 RAM chip, video card, and power switch. If you have onboard video, use that and unplug the video card.

    Do you have a motherboard speaker?
  9. I know this thread is old, but I have found the XFX MD-X58I-ch09 motherboard can have faults in the memory configuration.
    Try putting memory in slot2 instead of slot 1.
    Code 88 is just the default post code that the onboard counter starts with.
    If it doesn't proceed changing codes and eventually display video, then its just not posting.
  10. I do have this issue too.
    Had the same symptoms shown on the first post, after 1 year begin this problem.
    The code 88 appears just because is the number show by default when turned on. It isn't the code of an specific error.
    I tested the memory, vga (sli on my case), power source, CPU, everything...

    The palliative solution:
    * Forget the XFX Support Ticket (they are the worst)
    * Patience
    * Turn on the computer by 5 minutes. (he will not boot but let it on!)
    * Quickly turn off and turn on again.
    * He will boot fine.

    The cause
    I guess the problem could be the MOBO, like the same issue on my Toshiba Laptop A-205 BGA chipset, and on some models of Xbox's GPU.
    One of the chipset on CI on the board was a poorly bad designed solder. Perhaps because the XFX used lead on the solder. It could affect the contact of some CI on the MOBO. With time, heat and cold the solder can be affected.
    In my opinion the hot make the contacts of the components work again.

    One solution could be the Reflow and Reballing on MOBO, but is expensive. If we can know what component is the issue would be better.

    Sincerly XFX mobo, nevermore.
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