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Hi Everybody,
So i'm building my first computer and my final piece that I need is the case. And with such a wide variety of cases out there i'm having a hard time choosing so I need to know what you think, what case do you have, would you recommend it or not. Is there a case out on the market right now that you think can't beat any other on the market? So let me know! O and I'm using a normal atx setup and would like the case to be 80$ or under and preferably on! Thanks for any comments and suggestions.

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  1. Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower

    Thermaltake V9 Black Edition ATX Computer Gaming Chassis with Dual Oversized 230mm Ultra-Silent Cooling Fans Mid Tower


    There's three that I like in that price range.
  2. Do you want a side panel window? Would you like pure and simple or slightly flashy? Personally i like the antec 300, straight black and plenty of air flow for only $60. If you want slightly flashy check out the NZXT cases.

    Edit: think less type faster, jbakerlent beat me to it.
  3. ^+1 for both the above suggestions...
    But for about $90, with Free Shipping, this would be the best case of all...
    COOLER MASTER Storm Scout
  4. Um, I'd like a case that is a little flashy but on that budget I really don't know how much "flash" I can get! and I like the antec 300 it is nice and appears to move a lot of air, which is one of my main priorities
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