Windows 7 will not connect to wireless router

I upgraded my Lenovo R61 laptop to Windows 7 and now I cannot connect to one specific wifi router. I can connect to any other wireless router that i want (4 others) except this one at this public location. i am connected to it right now using my Vista OS on the same exact laptop and it works fine. It has something to do with 7.

i have tried disabling IPv6, installing drivers directly from the wifi card manufacture and nothing works. I have connected to other unsecured routers, so its not a security issue.

I cant right click on the router properties to change any setting for the router...authentication..etc.
I see the router with perfect signal and it tries to connect...only it fails.

had an employee find the model # -zhone 6218

Any ideas? this has me lost.

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  1. it may depend on the drivers. some routers, network cards, dongles are not compatible or are partitial compatible with windows 7 and if there aren't any good drivers released for it it might fail. windows 7 is for most of the systems to new to be compatible with everything. u can try to install the driver below else try to ask a other employee to share them so you can connect trough his pc if its really need for you to use windows 7 (try to send a message to Lenovo for asking if there are problems with the drivers).

  2. Hello poopsweats,

    What kind of router is this? Exact make and model? You may also go here for the hardware list to check if compatible with Windows 7:

    Thanks again,
    John M.
    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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