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I've had this problem for a while now and haven't devoted much time to fixing it but when ever I login after restarting it will log me in but I will be at a black screen. If I leave it for about 2 minutes my desktop appears and all is working fine. I did some research and have found nothing. Ive done disk checks, defrag, registry cleans, and malwarebytes and another antivirus only to come to the same result. The only thing I have come close to is that if I disable all services in msconfig and reboot it logs in quickly, but the problem with that is that none of my drivers work correctly. Is there any way to fix this? Im using an Asus G72 laptop with windows 7 premium (64-bit).
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  1. Hey Tyharo, lets hope it is the video driver. What is your exact model?

    Go to device manager and uninstall the video device driver, then reboot and install again.
  2. I just updated the video driver two days ago, im pretty sure it not that, but i will give it a shot anyways.
  3. Try different version.

    Sometimes it is better to wait, just make sure, there is not problem with new driver.
  4. I've had this problem for a bout a year now, I've gone through plenty of drivers. Also I noticed that when I boot if I end the explorer process and start it again my desktop automatically appears.
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