UD3P/BIOS setting SpeedFan control of HSF Speed?

UD3P/BIOS setting for SpeedFan control of RPM?

This is the Motherboard in my computer system.
GigaByte GA-EP45-UD3P (REV 1.0)

I'm using speedfan but I have no ability to move RPM's up or down.

I'm using a 4-PIN 'Arctic 7 Freezer Pro' is my HSF Fan/Heatsinc for cooling.

Since it's a 4-PIN Fan, whish settings should I choose to make the Fan Speed adjustable once I am booted inside Windows 7 and using SPEEDFAN?
What settings in the BIOS should I choose?

1. SmartFan Opions?
2. CPU Fan Mode?

I've already tried DISABLED and PWM mode and all it did was cause the Fan to spin way above it's max RPM and I couldn't lower the rpm/SPEED via SpeedFan

I hope REALLY HOPE someone can help me. I've been Googling myself to near death for months.
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    Try enabling smartfan and going into the options menu. I change the numbers to the lowest settings and the start up temp to about 40c. One fan was turning too slow, so it made a slight noise until I turned up the setting.
  2. Mine's up to 3150 RPM which is 750 above max RPM for this HSF Fan. Anyone care to comment on my IQ or writing style:gun: or help me figure out proper cpu cooling?

    Why can't I get those 21-25C Idle temps? :gun: Mine **Never** is below 36C


    thanks all :pt1cable:


    celebration time, Cabrack Rol'Lama is President now..Whoo-hoo!
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