Used Antec server case and PSU - will they work for my new build?

I found a used Antec server case and 650W PSU for $60. I want to use them in my new system - do you think they would work?

Case: Antec SX1040BII Black Performance Series II SOHO File Server Case - as seen here
PSU: Antec TP3-650 Rev. A2 TruePower Trio 650W PSU - as seen here

My planned build:
Phenom II X3 720BE
ASUS M4A78T-E [AM3 790GX]
Radeon HD 4850 or 4870

What do you think? Can you see any reason not to use these parts (assuming they're in good condition)?

$$Also, how much do you think I could sell the case for alone, in case it doesn't work for me?

Thanks for your ideas.
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  1. I should add that the attraction for me is mainly price. I know that the case is huge and way more than I need, but the combination is cheaper than what I planned to pay for just the case.

    I'm only worried if:
    a) the components aren't compatible with my system
    b) they aren't worth the money
  2. ^ Those are good quality parts but the condition has to be taken into account...I dont see any problems going with them...
  3. Thanks, gkay. I'm going to look at them tomorrow - is there anything in particular that I should look for in terms of condition?
  4. ^ I am not much aware about any specific terms of condition...
    But check the DOA terms and the return policies...And certainly shipping incase of return as the chipping charges for that huge case would be very high...
  5. Ah, this is off Craigslist, not from a retailer.
  6. ^ Am not from the US...So dont have much idea about the Craigslist...But google is there to help you on that...
  7. Ah, sorry if I wan't clear - I was asking about the condition of the components - is there anything that I should look for that indicates a badly treated case or PSU?
  8. ^ I doubt there would be any visible signs of that as they would have affected the internal part and unlikely the exterior...

    So only when you plug in and check the O/P of each of the connectors, you would know its condition...A multimeter would be of good help in this regards...
    Each connector has a permissible voltage limit...So if the O/P is within that limit, then the PSU is fine...Else there might be problems with the internals...

    Check the article about the PSU...It has a page where they test the O/P of the connectors...If yours is within that range, then it is good to go...
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    Look for any signs that the PSU may have been taken apart, such as to replace the fan or something. You don't want to be paying money for a PSU that was taken apart and shouldn't blow up anytime soon ^_^. You wanna know it's still good. As for the case I guess just cosmetic condition and that the LED connectors aren't all jacked up or something.
  10. Oh yeah, make sure there isn't any grease or residue on the Case or PSU. It can build up if the system was kept near the kitchen and wasn't cleaned properly. That can certainly affect the quality of the PSU.
  11. Thanks for the tips - I'll definitely look out for those things. Can anybody comment on the value/potential resale price?
  12. I don't like to bump my own threads but I am going to look at the combo tonight and I could use some more feedback, especially regarding resale value of the parts. Thanks all.
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