Big Bang Fuzion vs p55-gd65

What would be a better board the Big Bang Fuzion or the p55-gd65
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  1. Depends if your gonna crossfire/sli well just put two or more different cards in it fullstop. But if you look at THW test on the board, CF/sli scaling isnt all that good with fuzion, go with the p55-gd65 unless you really want to run a 260 with 5770 for whatever reason...
  2. would you spend $20 more for the p55-gd80?
  3. Defiantly avoid the Big Bang Fusion.
    The Lucid Hydra was a good idea but for now it is a major waste of cash.
    Further, I would recommend an ASUS or Gigabyte motherboard.
    MSI's boards are generally of questionable quality...

    Consider instead the $135 Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3.
    It is of higher quality than any you have yet listed and has support for USB 3 + SATA 6.
  4. Are you from Asus or Gigabyte?
  5. No, just in the know :sol:
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