Control panel is missing and Taskbar is missing, Help?

Ok i have windows 7,

Recently i have found out that i have a full list of errors that happened pretty much overnight:
Here's the list

1. I can't go onto Control Panel It say's " This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" I AM THE ADMIN.. I am the only account too.

2. My Task bar is missing, When i go ctrl-alt-del i see no option to open up my task bar.

3. I cant RIGHT click on anything on my desktop, as well as my folders and stuff. Although i can right click while playing games or browsing the internet, so my mouse is definitely not broken.

So u must be thinking, this guy has a virus for sure...
Well if i do have a virus it must be made by ******* Bill Gates. Because i can't find it.
I have the FULL version of Trend Micro Cillin as well as Norton 360, I've just recently downloaded Malvare Bytes, and that couldn't find anything as well. I've done a full system scam on both anti-virus programs, i see no viruses.

I did get a virus a week ago, but Norton quickly picked it up, I'm thinking it may have changed a few settings in my computer before i managed to delete it.

helpppp me =(..
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  1. Hi,

    Try following the steps in this virus/malware removal guide:

    It contains instructions that will remove most malware infections.

    I hope this helps you,
  2. It indeed looks like something is trying to murder your PC.

    Try 1 (not in the safe mode) and than 2 and let as know.
  3. alright i tried that, it managed to fix my task manager so that's fixed. But i still can't go onto my control panel, and i still can't right click on my desktop =\
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