Any drawbacks using sata 6gb s drive on 3gb s motherboard

I am trying to get opinions on if there are any drawbacks in using a 6Gbps hard drive (eg, Segate ST3500413AS) on a 3Gbps Motherboard (Asus P5Q-E running Windows XP). I am planning to use this as the main drive on which I will be installing Windows 7. I know that the 6Gbps drive is backwardly compatible to the 3Gbps drive. My worry is if there are any other factors that could possibly cause a problem. For instance software problems or connectivity problems or any other other possible problems. The reason I am planning to use a 6Gbps drive is that the 3Gbps drive seem to be very hard to come by these days and also the 6Gbps drives are now cheaper than the 3Gbps drives.

Since I intend to use this drive as the main drive (on which the operating system is installed) I would not want to have any problem.

M Aziz
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  1. No problem. I've not heard of anyone having a problem. Some of the drives do have a jumper to "Force" the drive to operate at SATA II, but even this is rarely required.
    6 Gig HDDs is more a marketing gimmick - Hay I've got the lastest greatest interface! But the only performance increase is in the "Measured" burst rate. After the "Burst" has been completed, a Mechanical HDD does not even hit SATA II capabilities.
  2. ^ +1
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    M Aziz.
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