Asus a8nvm csm motherboards sound card

hey can anyone tell me the exact model number of the soundcard thats on this mobo.... plss its urgent

thanks in advance.. maxx
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  1. Your Motherboard has an ADI AD1986A audio CODEC.
  2. thank u very very much... :)
  3. No problem :)
  4. i am also looking for a sound card in which there's a stereo mix option on it.. its there on realtek sound cards.. if u can help me with this too plss.. thanks in advance
  5. I have never used an ADI1986A codec so I am not sure if it has that option.
    If you are looking at getting a new sound card, look into the ASUS Xonar line.
    They have top notch sound quality, lots of features and good driver support.
    I just checked and my Xonar does have a Stereo Mix option.
  6. thanks bro
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