System problems with certain memory, crashes and BSODs


I have a pretty complicated problem.
I currently have a MSI P45 Neo-3 motherboard with a E8400 CPU.
My problem is that there's very few memory that works good with my system.
An OCZ Reaper 2GB 1066 dual kit is working fine, but the following modules aren't:

Corsair 4gb ddr2-1066 Dual Kit 2X2048 twin2X4096-8500C5C
OCZ ReaperX 4GB 1000 Dual kit

Both kits fail in Memtest.
They cause BSODS, freezes and stopped programs.
Is it because of the amount of Mhz, or has it something to do with the follwing problem:

My 2nd problem:
Overlocking my CPU from 3GHz to (for example) 3,1 makes my system unstable.
After overclocking, the PC boots, fans keep blowing longer than normal, and it shuts down.
After a reset it is working fine again.

But now, I sometimes get the same crash, even with the working memory.
Is it possible that my motherboard is broken?

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  1. You may want to try overclocking from the BIOS default or "fail safe settings." Load them and enter the BIOS on re-start to make your adjustments - some BIOSes hold the settings it made for the settings you left on AUTO from your last OC. You may also want to run memtest86+ for each of your OC attempts. Try setting the FSB at 400MHz, set the RAM timings and RAM voltage to the settings on the RAM stickers, and adjust the MEM srtap/divider so your RAM are running at 1066MHz. Save and exit the BIOS, POST, and boot to memtest.
  2. Thanks for your reply.
    However it is not working.
    If I put the settings to the settings of the memory, my PC crashes when booting (fans blowing longer, then it shuts down)
  3. There may be something else causing your crashes, post your full system: all the components with makes and models, and the BIOS number.
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