Can not rebuild Raid 1. Urgent!!


I just recently build 6 computers for a customer. I am using a sata controller card part number SD-LP-SIL2IR. The chipset is SIL3512. they all have the same error. So I went into the card's raid utility and try to rebuild the raid 1 array. The card sees both of the hard drives but when I look closer it says "one sync and one dropped. So therefore I can not rebuild the raid 1 array. Please Help.

This is what it says on the Silicon Image Raid Utility:

* Set Sil Mirrored Set <PM> 465GB
0 Hitachi HDS721050CLA SYNC
1 Hitachi HDS721050CLA Dropped

Thank you
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    Not sure if your still watching, but recently had the same issue with this sil3512 dropping a disk. What i did was removed the drive from the raid1 array.

    Then downloaded this program and checked the disk:

    Disk had an issue with partition table, it fixed the problem.

    Then i dragged the disk in the raid software management system (left hand paine) back into the window where your SYNC drive is. It started to rebuild the array again. Been waiting 10 hours now 16% done. '

    I have two 2gb WD drives.

    Live fast and prosper!
  2. removed the dropped disk, put th enew disk in and tell it to rebuild in the software utility
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