Is it worth upgrading from qx6700 to i7 920 for gaming

foxconn black ops m/b
qx6700 processor @3.6 ghz
radeon 5870 graphics
4gb corsair xms 3 memory
asus xonar sound card
custom watercooled

hi all i just wondered would i get much of an performance increase in my games upgrading to core i7 920.
games i play are
arma 2
counter strike source
supreme commander
thanks in advance rob
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  1. Well Q6700@ 3.6 is pretty fast,upgrading to i7 920 won't give u much of a performance boost in games because you already have a fast CPU
  2. no . your setup is good until we see sandy bridge . then update your cpu/mobo/ram and get another 5870 for cf :)
  3. No it will not really help in games. It would in video editing.
  4. You would get better results from a second ATI card in CF (if the Mobo supports it) and two HDD's in RAID0.

    Checkout Tom's new 2TB HDD review as the new WD Caviar Black drives punch through 140Mb/s transfer speed ... two of those babies in RAID0 means a whole lot of fast space too.,2430.html
  5. thaks for the feedback i will probably stick with my current setup.
    just out of interest does anybody know of any links to comparisons between core 2 quad and i7 920
    thx all rob
  6. Maziar said:

    thanks all for your help
  7. No problem ,glad to help :)
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