My pc wont pass post (hangs in the middle)

my pc is one year old. there was a storm (i am guessing this is the reason) and when i tried to load it again it will stuck in the gigabyte mobo splash screen wont go further. i cant even go to bios setup. when i press [tab] to see what is runing is see cpu check and 4 gigs check and then in pauses for a long time, it says ide drivers somthing and wont go past. it wont let me press any of the fs(you know f12- f9- del) no bip no nothing. i have crosair 750 tx so power was never a problem but mybe a lighting or power faliur took it out, mybe the mobo? what do you think? (i took one memory out and then the other, it didnt change anything). what do this symptoms usually tell you?
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  1. no.. i am 80% sure it would be a Hard Drive.
    try to check it.
  2. your description sounds like it has somehow buggered up the boot sector , your best bet would be to clear the cmos , by either taking out the mobo battery , or using the mobo's jumper settings to clear it , I usually just take the battery out for 15 minutes or so , now when you put it back the bios will re-jig itself . at least if you do this and it dosent work it will rule it out
  3. i dont understand why you guys say hard drive when it wont even pass the first 3 secs of boot.
    hard drive or no hard drive, why wouldnt it go to bios setup or show all the stuff it writes before going to hard drive and than tries to load windows.

    it checks memory
    cpu and thats it.

    boot hangs after 3 secs
  4. Unplug all the hard drives and cd-rom drives. See if it will finish post and enable you to get into the bios. A bad drive will cause the bios to freeze when it tries to identify it. If this works, then add the boot drive back in. Repeat until it won't boot.
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