My Tyan Tiger Board Wont Recognize anything past 2GB of RAM

Here is my dilemma.

I have an older Tyan Tiger i705 board that will not recognize anything past 2GB of RAM in the BIOS even though it is suppose to support 4GB of RAM (4x 1GB) up to PC3200 Unregistered not buffered. The OS will only pick up the 2GB as well. When I run a probe though (PC Wizard 2010) it says the system has 4GB of RAM and reads the information from each module. I've done a BIOS update and still no go. The RAM is good and it doesn’t matter what configuration I have the ram in; will only detect the first 2GB in the BIOS.

Any ideas?
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  1. Using 4 sticks of the same brand and speed? Tried cpuid for checking available ram? Or mixing brands/types of ram? Single sided works best.
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