Maxtor OneTouch external drive suddenly not accessible.

I've got a Maxtor OneTouch III at home that I use to backup my files.

I have been using it for a couple of years and it's been working fine. Every time I connect it to my PC, my PC will have a window saying "AutoPlay" then after a while, a window pops up for the drive. A couple of days ago, for no obvious reason, no change to the cable, drive or computer, the Maxtor drive became inaccessible. I turn it on and my PC doesn't do anything. I open My Computer and cannot see the drive. It used to show up as Disk F.

Meanwhile, with Maxtor on, my PC becomes super slow, almost dead. I saw a couple posts mentioning checking the Disk Management, but it's impossible, it takes forever to do anything on my PC with Maxtor on.

I'm really frustrated because it has all my backup files. Anyone know how to fix this? Really appreciate any tips.
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  1. Sounds like either the drive or the usb cable/enclosure is failing. Check your eventlogs. Do you see any disk errors?
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