XPS 9000 vs. Alienware Aurora

Hi, I am looking to buy a new desktop for multi purposes (university, photography) and a bit of gaming. Therefore, at first I thought it would be an overkill to go with the Alienware but the prices aren't that much different when comparing a XPS 9000 with upgrades and a pretty much basic Aurora. What should I go with? Will having less ram on Aurora still have better performances in Lightroom/Photoshop due to more powerful gpu? The cpus are the same Core i7-920. I want really fast rendering speeds in lightroom and fast sharpening of the images when I go through them (no blurry to sharp waiting).

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  1. look for least an i7 920 6gb ram and the 5870
  2. Is this a suggestion for my needs? The most important aspect here is the rendering speed and "blurry to sharp" images in previewing them. Gaming won't be my main task although I will be playing some games like Modern Warefare 2, Madden2010, Starcraft 2 (future). I want it to be pretty futureproof.
  3. exactly
    the i7 920 offers the best bang for buck
    6gb ram is minimum but i dunno if they offer a 12gb upgrade
    5870 newest most powerful graphics card with dx11 support
  4. I would probably go for the regular Dell but you want to upgrade the video card from the ATI 4350 thats in most of their standard packages. I see now that they include the Nvdia gts 220 in a lot of them. This is where your computer can be future proofed. Upgrade here- they offer the gts 240 or 260. The 260 is 180 more in most cases. If you want , when you buy you pc , you could ask about the latest ATI cards . The 5770 is right in between the gts 240, 260 in terms of raw performance but is a brand new card with dx11 support.
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