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I have Sapphire 6870 Card and wish to overclock. Using the i7 2600k processor. I also have the Asus Extreme Maximus Z68 motherboard. The Z68 allows overclocking the GPU via Bios. Is it better to overclock using the bios or overclock using MSI afterburner? But why.
Thanks the noob.
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  1. I dont think the Z68 will over-clock your graphics card via the motherboard, it will only over-clock the on-board graphics (Intel HD 2000/3000).

    MSI After Burner is one of the best programs for GPU over-clocking in my experience. Although i've only ever used this with Nvidia cards.
  2. You cannot overclock your video card using the motherboards bios.

    Use ATI/AMD Catalyst Control Center.
  3. So, knowing now knowing the motherboard has on-board video should it be disabled? Then just use my video card only right.
    Thanks the noob.
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    Your motherboard does NOT have onboard video. Your cpu has a on-die gpu.

    You shouldn't need to disable anything, it knows if you have a video card plugged in.
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