Brand for AM3 + nVidia card.


I've been looking at the AM3 Phenom II X4 965. I'm trying to find a good board for it.

I'm not planning to go SLI and always had nForce chipsets on my current and old motherboards. I must say that the nForce chipset i have right now (590) didn't impress me at all. I'm pretty open regarding the chipset of the board. I also always had Asus motherboard and they never let me down.

So basically, i was looking at this motherboard since i think it can deliver above average performance:

I also saw some MSI motherboards with nForce 980 chipsets supporting AM3 and DDR3. The only thing with MSI is that i had one video card from them and the build quality wasn't very impressing.

Just looking for your advices !

Thanks !
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  1. Ah yes. That is a very good board. I have a very similar board except it uses the 785G chipset for AM3. Great series of boards. I would stray from MSI. They are generally good, but it would be smarter sticking with brands like ASUS and Gigabyte for better quality and reliability.

    Nvidia chipsets are yucky in my opinion, and AMD based chipsets work very nicely with AMD processors and video cards. Id stick with the 790X.
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