Bsod 0x00000124 Error issue with hal.dll

Specs: p67a-g43 mobo, i5 2500k cpu, hyper 212+ cooler, crucial 64Gb ssd, 560ti gpu. 8Gb RAM, windows 7 ult

So I'm getting this error, I have had this computer for roughly over a month. And I'm having a tough time to figure out what is causing it. I know this error is a very generic one but this is what I've done to try to break down what could be the cause and maybe some of you might have a better idea what could be the issue. It all happened the 1st time randomly playing sc2 listening to music on pandora. After like 3-4 hours it crashed for 1st time. Ever since then It's been happening randomly at different lengths of time while playing games or happening after using prime95 after multiple hours.

Here is link to the dump file. I used bluescreenview to look at it but didn't get anywhere. Maybe one of you experienced something similar.
download link:

Here is screenshot of what it says:

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So I've done different stress tests and used realtemp/speedfan/cpu-z to monitor everything.

1) I used IntelBurnTestV2 I set the stress level to maximum and let it run though 10x and it came back success with the cpu temps not going above 65degrees.

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I went one better and used the Xtreme test mode on the burntest and set that to run through 5x on maximum stress level and that came back with success.

So by doing this test I don't think my cpu is the issue. I also believe it tests out memory as well so I don't think that's the issue.. I mean its not getting that hot at all. The cpu is just OCed to 4.2Ghz at 1.27V

2) Next thing I tested was Prime95. I ran two different torture tests. First I used the blend test and let it run from morning til I got home from work. That was about 7hours and temps didn't go above 60. Next I ran custom torture test with these settings from picture below:

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With those settings I let it run but I woke up to it crashing again. I checked the time the error occurred and concluded that the test ran for 10hours.

I let memtest86 Run for 19x through which was like around 10hours of using it.

So in conclusion I haven't the slightest clue what is going wrong. Please help! Thanks in advance for anyone taking any time into looking at this.
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  1. 0x000000124 like issue not enough voltage cpu. You need icrease it, Also ran I the intelburn test for .. It's really stable ran at 20X set memory to maximum..
  2. 0x124 = increase/decrease vcore or QPI/VTT...have to test to see which one it is
  3. Hmm maybe that could be the issue. Something I did forget to mention in the 1st post was I initially had the OCed to 1.26v cause I did was most people said to do and just stress test with prime95 for hour or so to see if it was stable. When this issue 1st occurred I went to prime95 to stress it on the custom torture test and It would crash 1 1/2 to 3hours. Then I raised it to the 1.27v and it was going fine for 7hours of blend test and 10 hours of custom torture test til crashed.

    So do you guys think I should increase the vcore to 1.275v or higher? Is every mobo/cpu different for what it can go to for rock solid stability? Because I've seen guys with same setup as I got at lower vcore running the 4.2Ghz and some running 4.5ghz with 1.29v.

    The 967a-g43 mobo that I have don't seem to have the qpi/vtt or whatever that is. So I'm assuming its increase/decrease just the vcore?.
  4. Increase vcore (pll/ cpu voltage ), as long as your temp under prime 95 below 60- 70C it will be safe.
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