Toshiba Tecra 9100 Problem help please.

Hello Community,

I have a Toshiba Tecra 9100 from a company that gave them away fro free. I installed windows XP sp2 from an old CD because the current OS was locked with company software None of the important hardware on the system is working. ie: WiFi card, SD Card, Sound, and Bluetooth. None of the many drivers I found and installed worked, Updated Chip-set drivers everything. Still doesn't work. Help!
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  1. Did you download the XP drivers directly from Toshiba?

    Have you installed SP3?
  2. Yes, and Yes I installed all the drivers like 20 different downloads but it seems like Windows XP just doesn't detect that there is wifi card in the laptop. Same goes for the sound and bluetooth. But the wifi card is what I am mainly focusing on. I installed SP3 from a separate download because I don't understand how to use windows update(very different from windows 7).

    So Is this a software problem? (Windows XP not noticing that the hardware is present)

    Or Hardware prolem? (I'm F***ed).
  3. Bump :/

  4. Go to the Properties of the device and click on Details. Scroll to HardwareIDs and take a note of the four characters which follow VEN for Vendor and those after DEV for Device.

    Input those details at and you should be led to the manufacturer's driver site - the only really safe place to find drivers.

  5. What happens when you install the WiFi drivers from the link above? Error messages? There look to be two different ones, a Toshiba one and a Cisco one, did you try both?

    Post a link to the exact drivers you tried.

    Your motherboard could also just be bad, did you know if the laptop was working fine before you re-installed Windows on it again?
  6. When I installed the drivers. The install goes along perfectly and I get a cool new icon on the taskbar notification area .But all it says is "Driver not installed" So I installed a few different drivers but no luck.

    The WiFi, blutooth, and sound all worked on the previous installation.
  7. Does device manager show the wifi card installed with no errors? Try to run a search for new devices, and point the wizard to the downloaded file locations for the drivers manually.
  8. It is not showing in device manager at all :/

  9. Maybe it's tuned off in the BIOS or you have one of those BIOS wih the option to have either wireless and ethernet or one or the other. Make sure you choose to have both turned on. It will be described in BIOS as WLAN.

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