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I have an "older" machine with XP and AU 31/1.3 motherboard (MB). The machine had a PS/2 keyboard (KB). I tried to replace the PS/2 based KB with a USB one. When I plug in the KB it works. After a short time it stops working. I plug out and in again and it works again and so on. My USB mouse works very well. I looked into the BIOS and it has an enable USB mouse but non for KB.
I checked the USB KB on another PC and it works correctly.
I need the USB KB because I intend to use a KVM switch between two machines and the KVM has no PS/2 option.
Any suggestions to how to fix the problem and correct the issue to be able to use the USB based KB?
Can anybody help?
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  1. What other USB devices do you have plugged in? It could be a conflict between devices. Try unplugging all of your USB peripherals except the keyboard and see if the problem goes away.
  2. Thanks Good idea. Tried without success. I do not understand why should I have conflicts. I have on the USBs a mouse, webcam. Two external HDDand an CD/DVD RW (all switched on only on an as needed basis back -up, boot, movies). Now that you mentioned it may be a conflict with the mouse I switched of all other devices. But I cannot function without the mouse.
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