New PC Build Need Advice

Hey All, I really need some advice on this PC I intend to build.

It will be used for 3D Modeling/Rendering AND in-game Testing.
1 Video card. possibly 2 when I need it. And yes I will be Over Clocking to hopefully 3.33Ghz on Air Supply unless directed otherwise.

My 3 Biggest concerns right now are these:

1- I will be using this PC for working with and rendering 3D models, Do I go with Radeon or ATI FirePro? or is there a Nvidia Card that can take on my need?

2- I need a power supply that is mainly Quiet but can do its job I'm guessing 1220wat is a bit too much?

3- Are the Corsair Dominator's Decent? I plan to purchase 2 set's for a total of 12.

OH i forgot to ask, could i use 1 ATI FirePro and 1 Radeon? on the same mobo? That way i can have one for my 3D work and one for my in-game testing?

Current PC Selections
Case Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower
Motherboard ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
Processor Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
Power Supply Kingwin Mach 1 1220WAT
Video Card ATI Radeon HD5870
RAM Corsair Core i7 Dominator 6GB
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  1. I would choose a different brand PSU - Corsair or similar would be a better buy. Case wise I would choose the Antec 1200, though looks of a PC differe from person to person.

    Res of the setup is fine - though one thing to watch is future GPU updates or adding a second card. P6T does both SLI and xfire... not so sure about the P6T delux supporting SLI
  2. I assume you're a professional Game Designer / Developer / 3d Artist, or somewhere in between.

    - As for your current PC selections, its all OK except your video card and psu, WHY?.
    Lets focus on your main concerns to see why. Im gonna make it short but informative.

    1. First of all, you need a video card that features a full 30-bit display pipeline (for maximized visual fidelity),
    and can support synchronization to external sources or synchronization of 3D renders of multiple GPUs and
    capable of HDR output and can interact with very huge datasets. Since your current choice (5870 video card)
    can only process traditional 24-bit display pipeline (even if you CrossFireX it), which produces only 16.7 million
    colors and with few hundreds shader engines in total, that alone is enough reason that wont surely help you a lot
    on your real time renders, complex design models and scenes and while animating.
    If you spent a whole lot of time working as Game Designer / Developer / 3d Artist, then you'll need all the
    rendering and 3d multi tasking power you can get and i recommend (if you're willing to spend a lil more for
    a maximized output in return and to do what ever your imagination tells and your demanding client asks you to do),
    the ATI Fire Pro 8750 2GB GDDR 5 video card will suit all your demanding needs.,8352.html

    This has all the very important features (i said above) and gpu processing power in order to handle very very
    complex dynamic multiple 3d renders and animations and will cost you $1,800 dollars but its worth it believe me.
    And if you're willing to spend a lil more for the sake of bagging those hefty pricey design contracts :bounce:
    that requires more gpu computing power you can also crossfire two of 8750's but not an 8750 and a 5870
    because they have different API's and architecture (not really sure).

    2. You need a reliable psu and at the same time runs quietly?
    Based from your current specs and even if you decided to buy two Fire Pro 8750's and crossfireX it,
    an 850 watt psu is more than enough to handle all your components at its full continuous load all the time 24/7.
    I recommend these:
    If this is not available,

    Go for this instead.

    3. RAM? You'll need 9-12 GB for sure. Corsair Dominator's?..
    If this is what you mean:
    My answer is a big YEAH! What if its not available, any alternative?

    This one, a big YEAH too!

    -- When it comes to gaming, a single Fire Pro 8750 performs the same as 5870 (just not sure exactly in benchies).
    In anyway, this means you can play the latest demanding games at very high settings without any glitch.
    The only advantage a Fire Pro 8750 has is when it comes to 3d multi apps, multi renders, animations and HDR outputs
    coz Fire Pro video cards are mainly designed to handle those specific tasks and not mainly for gaming, though
    a part of its use is for game design but, its a different thing im sure you get the point.

    -- You mentioned overclocking?.. Well, a fast hot overclocked i7 cpu really needs a good cpu cooler and
    i highly recommend this
    here's why,

    Hope this helps :)
  3. Thank you SO much for all this information, it clarified alot of info ive read.

    My reason for picking the 5870 is sadly because of a budget issue. I'm going to see if i can go with the firepro.

    The firepro is a beast when it comes to my work related stuff,
    So the firepro will still run well in the most recent video games?

    since im reaching my budget a tad, should i opt out for the ATI FirePro V8700 instead of the 8750?

    Thank you so much for all this insight, im still reviewing your hardware suggestions and adding it all up, i will update my specs soon.
  4. The basic difference between gaming cards and rendering cards is that one displays pre -rendered objects and needs processing power for shaders and the other renders in real time....the latter requires oodles of math processing capability to render all those little triangles.

    The Fire Pro and the nVidia Quadro are the two remaining players in a once crowded field. Here's the latest comparison I found:

    No real fight here.....pretty much a blow out .... at the top performance categories anyway. We start to see some competition at th loer price points though not as much in the areas of 3DMax and AutoCAD.

    Looking at 3DMax and AutoCAD, it's a wipeout, although you should see the ATI cards doing somewhat better where shaders are used.:

    So it really will depend on the programs you sue....lots of wire framing to be renders, I'd lean nVidia......anticipate more of a shader loading workload, then look at ATI.

    In the gaming arena, it's a complete different story now. ATI is holding a strong hand having released it's new line 6 weeks ago, with nVidia still silent on a release date. Although nVidia still holds the crown for fastest single card, that's about to be taken as soon as ATI releases their 5870x2. The longer it takes for nVidia to get to market, the better chance ATI has of gaining more and more of the hearts and minds of gamers for the upcoming year.

    If you wanna see how he professional cards do at gaming, check this out.

    Below the upper eschelon, the FX 3800 at $950 is a good middle ground choice....the ATI FirePro 8700 runs around $70 cheaper. It can't keep up in3DMax and AutoCAD, but the 8700 is a better gamer. The 8750 isn't on the charts and though it has has double the memory but same GPU speed.

    The 4800 only needs 150 watts so the PSU drain should be easy, only one 6 pin power connector.

    For case the HAF 932 is an excellent choice, look at the Antec 1200 for comparisons (add any optional fans either way).

    For PSU, with a $1000 card in there, I'd suggest the SG-850, the Corsair HX-850 or the Antec CP-850 (1200 case only)

    For memory, I'd lolok for the lowest DDR1600 CAS timings you can find that will fit under a large CPU cooler. The Mushkin 998691 I think is still holds the lead here.

    For HD's I'd look at large file transfer ability more than many of the other characteristics here:,1010.html

    And yes, a good CPU cooler if you are OC'ing. See the following:
  5. thanks again for the reply.

    Power Supply
    I decided on:
    Corsair HX Series CMPSU-850HX 850W ATX EPS12V Power Supply

    CPU Cooler:
    as for the cpu cooler, the Frosty link isnt for my 1366 socket (yes i know there are some adapters) but i pretty much am going with the MUGEN you recommended.

    Also good time to note:
    I work mainly in 3D Studio Max and Zbrush, then the obvious Photoshop cs2/3 for my other non 3D work.

    Video Card:
    I see the Quadro FX 5800 does fairly well in the 3D studio max bench.

    But seeing as the 5800 is about twice as expensive as the FirePro high end line, I think ill trade off a little performance in exchange for a little gaming/cost as well, as a good medium.

    that being said, I used this link as well for bench info:

    Over all I think i will be happy even if i decide to go with a Ati FirePro V8700 instead of the 8750 because here in Canada there is about a $500 different in price for just that extra gig in specs.

    Then again, I could go down a few version in the NVIDIA sector too and find a NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800 by PNY for about $900. hmm decisions decisions...

    Here is my current Excel sheet of my system thus far, assuming I went with a FirePro V8750.
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