External drive is not detected

i have a iomega hard drive which i have beed using. i transferred files to it yesterday but when i went to access it later it had disappeared.

my pc and laptop uses xp. friends is vista. none of which recognise the hard drive. it doesn't even load (like it use to) to new PCs. i have changed the usb cable and the usb ports work with other devices. and no yellow icon appears

any suggestions?
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  1. Check if your drive is getting power, sometimes the adapters go bad. If you are sure that the drive is getting proper power there could be an issue with the drive itself.
  2. power is fine. thought it was the drive.
    any thoughts on how to access it?
  3. Turn the drive on and go to device manager. Right click "computer" and scan for hardware changes. If the drive still doesn't show up, it's possible the enclosure went bad. Try removing the drive from the enclosure and attaching it to the motherboard and see if it shows up.
  4. Does this see it?

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