ATI Drivers - Blue Screen For EVERY Version

Hey all,

Built my first system a few days ago and everything was going fine, until I got around to installing my video drivers. Upon rebooting, Windows failed to boot, threw a blue screen, and rebooted to safe mode. I've tried reinstalling Windows twice and I've tried versions 9.8, 9.7 and 9.4. 9.4 was the only one that would boot into the OS, but had vertical black lines throughout the display. Changing the resolution removed the lines, but then changing it again caused the lines to come back. And then POW!! Blue screen and reboot.

Any advice? XFX support seemed helpful and responsive (5-15 minute responses the first day) but has since not responded. Anything? Anyone?? I just want to play a game with my new machine :(

System specs:

Asus M4A79T Deluxe
AMD Phenom II X4 955
XFX Radeon 4890
Mushkin DDR3 1600 2x2GB
Corsair 750W
Antec 300
Windows Vista 32-bit
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  1. uninstall driver and manually delete anything that is left, then re-download and try again
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