CF 5850 xtreme problems

Hi guys, I've just recently got a pair of sapphire 5850 xtreme in cf and I've seen peoPle pushing to 840/1200 at stock voltage. Doesnt seem to be working for me as it sometimes crashes on games like BFBC2 and furmark. I tried Sapphire Trixx to bump it 1.1volts but no avail. Ccc 11.8 and load temps at 80'C seems pretty high.

Used to have a xfx 5850 xxx and it displays on my 42" Tv no problems. But on my cf sapphires, it goes black screen on my tv. Any ideas?
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  1. Any ideas anyone?
  2. Didn't know why my specs did not appear.

    Intel Core2Quad Q9400 | Asus P5Q3 Wifi Deluxe | Kingston HyperX 4x2 GB 1600mhz | CF Sapphire HD 5850 Xtreme 1GB | CoolerMaster Silent Pro 80+ Gold 1200watts

    Zalman CPNS 8700 CPU cooler | CoolerMaster Cosmo PURE case with 4x CoolerMaster SickleFlow fans | Samsung 23\" LED 1920x1080 screen
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