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Well i just got home and hooked up my new 27.5inch moniter and then i set my old 22 inch right to the right of it. Set up dual screen mode. But one thing im wondering about , is when i move the mouse off the edge in the middle of my main screen it moves into the middle of the 22 inch as opposed to where it is on the 27 inch. What i mean is i want it to go in a straight line when i move to the other screen not reposition the cursor to the middle of the other screen . anyone understand what im saying?
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  1. On your desktop: right click > properties > settings. On the picture of your two displays you can drag each display around relative to the other display. try to arrange the picture to be like how you actual monitors are arranged. Then your mouse will go between the monitors in a straight line.
  2. I believe the issue is with the different size monitors. windows doesn't know how to line it up on different size screens so it sticks it in the middle.

    Just to test set both monitors to same res and see what happens
  3. see that would solve the problem but i rather love the 1900 res im getting off of the 27 inch and dont wanna comprimise that much to get dual screen to work like that.
  4. buy another 27

    don't know how bad it will hurt the image quality but only the vertical resolutions would need to be the same, assuming they are side by side
  5. are you using nvidia control panel or ati catalyst to setup multimon? If so try resetting it and using the windows. when you set monitor "2" inbetween monitor "1" Monitor 1 being the higher res monitor when you set it up through windows. this should let you move in a straight line.
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