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I've got myself to 4ghz on my i7 with a 21x191 multiplier and blck. I pretty sure my ram will run a 6-6-6 cas but the increase from my cpu oc wants to push my ram at 1553 give or take, the only way my ram will accept the 6 timings is if I lower it to a 1100 or so frequency which I think is too low but memory oc was on the last of my books learning list and I am not to sure about it. Im thinking one of my inputs are keeping me from adjusting better. I think I can get an inbetween with the same cpu overclock but in a different setting. I'de appriciate the help. My oc is as stated below. The more I research the more I find o'c ram isnt worth it. Can someone plz help verify.

i7 930, Asus p6t deluxe v2, rosewill 950w p/s
blck 191
ratio 21
vcore 1.3v
qpi 1.25v
vdimm 1.66v
llc on
qpi pll 1.88v
dram freq 1553 only other option 1100 or so frequency
cpu skew 300ps
cpu v amp 800mv
ich auto
ioh auto
mem com rate 2n
all spreads off
all halt or acpi off
intel turbo off
all else is auto
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    Because DDR3 RAM has excellent bandwidth and frequency, changes in latency and frequency have very little impact on system performance compared to DDR2. If you bench with the tighter latencies or higher frequencies you will typically see about 1% improvement in system performance IME.
  2. I figured it out, I had to change the bclk and the multiplier. 19x211. I've got the mem to accept the 6 timings and run on 1263 freq. Beenthere is right though, i've seen virtually no improvement, some but nothing to justify the amount of time I spent on the subject. Thanks for you verification :) I've tried to select you for the best answer but the link keeps taking me to the top of the page. I will try again over time until it gives it to you
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