I would like to know, if my xps 720 which came with 800 ddr2 memory can be upgraded to 1333 ddr2 memory?
the bus speed of my dual core 3 Ghz is 1333.
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  1. best way to find out would be finding out the make of the motherboard.

    You can either :-

    a) take the side panel off and check on the surface of the mobo


    b) down load CPUz and get the mobo model number from there.

    it may be possible to use higher clocked ram, but an awful lot depends on who made the mobo and what chipset it has.

    Armed with the mobo model number and maker, check the manufacturers website. They will be able to tell the maximum clock speed your mobo can handle.... however using higher clocked ram will work in most cases, just it may only run at 800mhz
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