Which SSD for under ~100 cdn.

Hey looking for a SSD which im thinking of putting in my laptops optical bay but need some recommendations.
Will be used as a OS drive and the internal 500gb for evvrything else.




The last one is the cheapest but the write speeds are not so great, but its dire cheap for an OS drive?

Also what do you guys think of the XT hybrid? Would i be better of with that in my laptop or a combo of SSD + HDD.

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  1. I would go with the OCZ Vertex 2 50GB drive over the other two. The Kingston has know drivers issues that require a flash to help prevent issues. The XT hybrid is an interesting drive but I'm not a fan of it over a SSD and hard drive combination. If you have the capability in your laptop for a SSD and hard drive, it would be the route I would take... IMO
  2. ^5 +1 what tecmo34 said.
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