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Hi all, I'm looking for a 120GB+ SSD to be used as the sole drive in a sandy bridge build. Don't worry, there's no need for more than 40GB of storage + OS. I'm looking into several current generation drives - the

Vertex 3
and Agility 3

Sorry if you guys get this question all the time, and thank you for sharing your knowledge!

The computer will be used mostly for working with databases and some Excel. It also must be powered on 24/7 for remote access. My max budget is ~$300, but obviously if it's not worth spending $200 on, let me know :). If I left anything out let me know. Open to any other drives as well.
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  1. SSD selection might depend on the type of databases and what you do with them. Could you provide that information?
  2. Thanks! I had no idea that might matter. Mostly Microsoft Access and SQLite. Also, looking through some threads here I see a lot of 320 recommendations so, like I said feel free to throw out my list.

    Edit: as for what will be done with the databases... It's just a front end machine so adding/deleting/modifying records. The tables are fairly large I suppose, though (some have a couple hundred thousand records). Hopefully that addresses it, if you need more specifics just say so.
  3. I recommend the OCZ Vertex 3, however the Vertex 2 is cheaper and may even come on sale.

    Check NCIX for current sales.

    The Vertex 3 is 2x the speed (internal RAID0), however I doubt you'd notice the difference that much because much of the software is loaded into the System RAM anyway.

    If you think the OCZ Vertex 3 is worth an extra $100 or so get it but I personally would spend the difference elsewhere (better audio card, speakers..).
  4. Crucial and Intel have been getting much better owner reviews than the others, if that is important to you.
  5. I would be inclined to recommend Intel for use with large databases.

    Are the databases going to be stored on the ssd or somewhere else?
  6. Yes, that's why I'm having so much trouble deciding - Intel followed by Crucial seem to be more reliable, but the OCZ drives are significantly faster on paper. :(

    JohnnyLucky, yes they (and everything else) will be stored on the SSD.
    When you say you'd favor Intel is this mostly because they would be less likely to fail and lose the data?
  7. The Intel 510 was designed for sequential transfers and moving large files. It does very well with photo and video editing. It does exceptionally well when data cannot be compressed. It also does well when it comes to compiling. It does not do well when working with a lot of small random files.

    Intel reliability and the Intel SSD Toolbox are definitely pros.
  8. Thanks! I'm not getting a solid verdict on the 510 from your comment (I assume you intended that :) ). Would my usage involve lots of small random reads and writes? Right now it's seeming like a 320 would be a good choice...
  9. hehehe.....It sounds to me like you'll be doing data entry rather than compiling data from a large number of databases scattered all over the world. If that is the case, then the 510 may not be appropriate.

    The Intel 320 also presents a bit of a performance problem since it is only SATA II (3 Gb/s) capable. If your motherboard is SATA III (6 Gb/s) capable, you should probably be looking at a SATA III (6 Gb/s) ssd. Going by your list that narrows it down to the OCZ Vertex 3.
  10. Yes, data entry almost entirely. Yes the mobo will have SATA 6Gb/s ports. Alright then, Vertex 3 or M4, or doesn't matter - last question I promise!
  11. Actually, there is one more alternative that looks very promising. Corsair will be releasing their new Force 3 series by the end of this month. Preliminary information indicates it is right up there with the OCZ Vertex 3 and in some synthetic benchmarks it surpasses the Vertex 3. Corsair pricing is very aggressive. If the performance and price information are correct, then we have a very serious contender for top honors and a good value.
  12. Very pleased with my 240 GB Vertex 2. It's been as low as $309 AR at MicroCenter.
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