GA-MA790X-DS4 Issues


PSU- Antec Neo power 550 modular unit
WD 640 Caviar Blue (Sata2)
One 80mm and a 92mm Sunon fans
OEM ATI X1900xt (cooling mod to VRM for lower temps max stable 702 core 850 (1700 DDR)
Board is in title with F7 Bios
A cheap Asus cooler with temps in the 20-45c range
Late 90s case with panels removed except board tray for better ventilation (very good at that so no place for hot air to get trapped)

The cpu is a 3800+ X2 (65W) ADO3800IAA5CU

The problems that I am having is that I am unable to oc my cpu above 2.3ghz even when i set the voltages higher than 1.3v even though it works just fine at stock volts up to 2.3ghz and had a similar issue with my 3500+ single core (35w) when I set the base clock higher than 230 on the dual core or 240 on the single. Again I raise the the voltage and no luck all it does is reboot that default if I go any higher no matter what even when I lower the Ht clock. :(

Second issue is some times I boot up and the PCI-E link is only 8x rather than 16x so does any one know any solution to either of these two problems. I know all the tricks to nuking Intel and VIA cpus but AMD are still new to me.

Will pull my 4GB 1066 kit from my game rig to see if ram is an issue.
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    ok try putting a Kingston HyperX on RAM it works for me.
  2. dEAne said:
    ok try putting a Kingston HyperX on RAM it works for me.

    Sorry but I don't have HyperX kits on hand plus I want to keep cost down.
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  4. I think that some of my ram went bad and have replaced the failing kit. I am now able to do 2.4ghz so far and have added a fan (redneck style) so it does seam to run better.
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