Which is best buy of the TWO.. desperate

hey guys, im buying a graphics card.. which of the two should i buy?




my budget is around £60
also im not sure if my motherboard can take a DDR3 gfx card?

shinsei x
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  1. The DDR3 card is the better of thse two.
  2. Specify your mobo model, and your PSU model...
    And your mobo just have to have a PCie X16 slot to support the graphics card...

    And here are few better options...
    Just about £8 more than the 9600GT but would perform as good as the 9800GTX+/ GTS 250...
    ASUS ATI 4770

    But if you still want to buy a 9600, then get this one...It has 96 Stream processors compared to the 9600GT's 64 Stream processors...

    or the 9800GT for £70 with Free shipping
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