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I am looking to by a laptop what is the difference between amd over intel,Thank you
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  1. In terms of Processor capability, as detectable to/by a casual user? Little or none. AMD have a better integrated graphics chip. So all else being equal, I would tend to buy an AMD laptop if gaming is something you do on a regular basis... Though if you're a serious gamer, pointing out one is better than the other is pretty much like comparing a Diseased Rat sandwich versus a Roadkill~Deer~burger. You really, *really* don't want either one, but if someone held a gun to your head, then Roadkill it is!

    <vacates this thread before the Intel/AMD fanboys turn it into yet another on a long stream of asinine arguments>
  2. Im guessing you are buying a laptop for serious applications rather than gaming ? Anyway C2D or C2Q are all good chips. AMD have some decent performing mobile CPU's also.

    The bigger part of your decision will come down to budget rather than brand of cpu.
  3. Ya, Intel tends to be a little bit faster but also more expensive.
  4. Actually, on the mobile side, Intel's offerings are much better than AMD's offerings. Intel mobile CPUs tend to run cooler, run faster, and more power efficient than AMD's mobile CPUs. So if you want a laptop, Intel CPUs may be a better choice.
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