Building gaming system, looking for advice and suggestions

So I'm building a barebones computer and I was looking for advice as to if its enough and mainly if the video card is enough for the TV i plan on using for the monitor.

I was planning on using a Nvidia GeForce GTX260 and hooking it up to a Samsung - 32" Class 5 Series - 1080p - 60Hz - LCD HDTV w/ a 60,000/1 contrast ratio. The computer use will be normal use, internet browsing, movies, etc., with lots of multi-tasking. I will be doing lots of mid-ranged graphical gaming, I just wanted to know if that card would be enough for great gaming.

My roommate used a 9800GTX on a 40" and can play Crysis with an amazing picture.

Heres the specs of the system I was going to build, tell me what you think.
-AMD Phenom II X3 (Triple Core) 710 (2.6GHz - 6MB L3 Cache) (Socket AM3)
-Asus M3A78 Motherboard
4x 240pin DDR2-1066/800, Max 8GB
1x PCI-Express x16 Slot
2x ATA-133 Drives; 6x SATA2 Drives
-4GB - PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066)
(Dual Channel Kit)
-Western Digital 640GB 7200 RPM SATA2 Hard Drive
-NVidia Geforce GTX260 - 896MB
(448Bit DDR3 @ 1998MHz Memory)
-20X Lightscribe DVD+/-RW
-Star 680 Watt Power Supply (Quad Core Certified)
-iMicro CA-859SV3 Silver X-Blade Gaming Case
-3 Year Direct Repair / Replacement Warranty (With Free Lifetime Tech Support)
-Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (64-Bit)

All for $1070.95
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  1. If your budget is $1k, you can do much better. Please start with the format found in the post at the forum for how to ask for build advise. If you need EVERYTHING except the monitor, use the link at the bottom of my sig. Should make a good road map as it still holds current prices and can get you a quad core with DDR3 ram. You can save more if you shop both newegg and zipzoomfly. There's other etailers too that you can look at, but you can usually find stuff on sale from one of the two.
  2. +1.

    That build is worth maybe $600.00, and the PSU is junk.
  3. would you recomend going with intel instead of amd?
  4. Not at all. But use the format in the sticky at the top of the forum page, it will answer a lot of questions for the people trying to help you so you can get the most PC for the money.
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